College Plaza

About the Project

Over 2 days in January 2016, in collaboration with Working Classroom, an Albuquerque based arts and educational non-profit, we gathered a group of local first generation college students to listen to their wisdom given their distinct journeys from high school to college. Our goal was to create a platform – and set of tools – centered on their stories, advice and guidance. As experts who have lived the hopefulness and challenge of being the first members of their families to attend college, their perspectives and recommendations are invaluable.

These videos, college transition curricula developed with first-generation college bound students in mind and additional linked resources are intended for high school college counselors, college & university admissions counselors and all who work to support first generation college students as they plan their transitions to and through college. While the central audience for these tools is our fellow colleagues, we believe that high school students will benefit also from some of the videos included here, particularly the College Journey Stories.

For questions or additional information, please contact Tina Garcia-Shams, Director of Community Relations at